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“Made with a purpose,” matters to me I could cut corners in so many ways in this jewelry crafting business. Ethically, that would be the wrong thing to do. My jewelry is not only purchased because it’s beautiful, but to many people, my jewelry has a therapeutic value to it. Calming, releasing, focusing or energizing, gemstones have a way to raise your vibes and make you feel good! I could lower my overhead costs and buy my genuine gemstones from huge online stores that sell thousands of strands every day, but that wouldn’t help my small business friends in the foothills of Colorado! I could buy cheap metal knot enclosures from big box stores like Michaels, but that wouldn’t support...

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Malas And My Childhood Memories Of The Dalai Lama

I remember when I was a kid growing up in Wisconsin, I would see kind, gentle and what appeared to be wise men who lived down the street from me in the country. These men had shaved heads and wore long robes of burgundy color. They were very quiet and would occasionally shop at my dad’s hometown pharmacy. I never truly understood what or who they were as a child, but I distinctly remember hearing people talk in town, whenever the “Dalai Lama,” would visit.Who’s is the Dalai Lama you might ask? Well, if you ask him, he is a simple Buddhist monk, but more importantly the spiritual leader of Tibet. The Dalai Lama or their “Holiness,” would visit the...

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