About Me



Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to read about me.  My passion for gemstones started 7 years ago along with essential oils.  I would make bracelets and diffuse my essential oils, making them aromatherapy jewelry.  It started out as a hobby, as I would make my handcrafts for myself, friends and family.  As time went by, I started to appreciate the metaphysical properties of gemstones, so I extended my craft into bigger and better things.  MALAS!!!!!  

My curiosity for energy, vibrations and their peacefulness have led me to these gorgeous prayer beads. You would be amazed what therapeutic effects natural gemstones have on the mind, body and spirit!

......And that’s why I started "Chakras & Seas.”  I handcraft all my mala bracelets and necklaces using only the best materials Mother Earth offers.  My traditional 108 bead malas are hand knotted, a craft that has taken me a few years to perfect.  They are tedious to make, but definitely a labor of love.  My gemstones are genuine and sourced from eco friendly, fair trade suppliers.  Real lava, natural wood, authentic African beads and gorgeous ethnic Tibetan beads are some of the materials I use. 

My inspiration for beautiful jewelry is of course inspired by the amazing beach that I am so grateful to see everyday.  The healing energy that I receive from the bright sun, warm sand and cool blue waters is reflected back into every single mala I make!  

My goal is that you find a beautiful mala to resonate with from Chakras & Seas, and that it will lead you to peace and happiness!


                                         Jennifer ✌️