Bamboo Leaf Agate and Rosewood Mala Necklace

Bamboo Leaf Agate and Rosewood Boho Mala Necklace

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Find your free spirit with this Boho Mala Necklace made of Bamboo Leaf Agate and Rosewood beads.  Resonating with the Root or Sacral Chakra, Bamboo Leaf Agate is an excellent stone as a stress reliever and increasing ones courage.  This is a Zen style Mala made of 4 marker beads of Clear Crystal Quartz.  It is finished off with a long handmade leather tassel which represents the "roots" of the Lotus flower.

Bamboo Leaf Agate- Creativity + Grounding + Strength

Rosewood- Protective + Healing

Clear Crystal Quartz- Amplifying + Healing + Cleansing

Balanced Muladhara Chakra- You feel a vital prana, strong will power, persistence, and endurance.  There is a connection with earth and nature, and a sense of self-preservation

Imbalanced Muladhara Chakra- There is laziness, narcissism, and existential dread.  Negative energy, over-worrying, rage and resentment build.

Bead Size- 8mm genuine gemstones double strung on super tough S-Lon cord

Length- 26.5"

Handcrafted in Santa Rosa Beach Florida