Citrine Gemstone Bracelet
Citrine Gemstone Bracelet

Citrine Gemstone Bracelet

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This happy Citrine single bracelet resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura.  The color and strength of yellow shines bright like the uncovered sun. It is finished off with antique bronze metal spacers and an African brass bead.

Citrine- Self-Confidence + Self Respect + Individuality

Balanced Manipura Chakra- You are developing your talents and asserting yourself with balance and mercy.  You are confident and hold inner worth.

Imbalanced Manipura Chakra- You feel afraid, and it's transformed into aggression, needing the last word, and competing with others.  Criticism causes you to spiral into obsessive worry and anger.

Bead Size- 8mm genuine gemstones strung on super strong elastic cord

Size- Small:  6.5"- 6.75"

          Medium: 7.25" - 7.50"

Handcrafted in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida