Carnelian Gemstone Bracelet

Carnelian Gemstone Bracelet

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This earthy faceted Carnelian Bracelet resonates with the Sacral Chakra or Svadisthana. The orange color is enthusiastic, joyful, and the color of vitality and strength.  It is finished off with antique bronze metal spacers and an African brass bead.

Carnelian- Abundance + Prosperity + Ambition

Balanced Svadisthana Chakra- Creativity is at full force.  You have a healthy attitude about your body, and feel accepting of others and compassionate to their flaws

Imbalanced Svadisthana Chakra- Poor boundaries.  You feel jealous, fear, obsessive or strong emotions and attachments 

Bead Size- 8mm genuine faceted gemstones, strung on super strong elastic cord

Size- Small:  6.5"- 6.75"

          Medium: 7.25" - 7.50"

Handcrafted in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida