Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Bracelet

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Bracelet

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This amazing glossy Lapis Lazuli Bracelet resonates with the Third Eye Chakra or Ajna.  Indigo, also called royal blue is the color of night.  There is depth of awakening that connects us to space and time. It is finished off with antique bronze metal spacers and an African brass bead.

Lapis Lazuli- Self Expression + Wisdom + Truth

Balanced Ajna chakra- There are feelings of wisdom, inner peace, spiritual awakening and awareness.  It is easy to sort the significant from the insignificant, creating intuitive knowledge and understanding.

Imbalanced of Ajna Chakra- Lack of perspective, problematic priorities and lack of imagination and concentration

Bead Size- 8mm genuine glossy gemstones, strung on super strong elastic cord

Size- Small:  6.5"- 6.75"

          Medium: 7.25" - 7.50"

Handcrafted in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida