Lava and Pyrite Mala Bracelet
Lava and Pyrite Mala Bracelet

Lava and Pyrite Mala Bracelet

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This amazing Lava and Pyrite Mala Bracelet resonates with the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras.  Pyrite or "Fools Gold," allows you to take action with confidence and support your inner warrior!  You can wrap this around your wrist twice, and your favorite essential oil to the lava beads, this makes it an aromatherapy bracelet! It has one larger bead made of Pyrite symbolizing "Fire Energy."

Pyrite- Fire Energy + Vitality + Protection

Black Lava- Energy + Security

Balanced Muladhara Chakra- You feel a vital prana, strong will power, persistence, and endurance.  There is a connection with earth and nature, and a sense of self-preservation

Imbalanced Muladhara Chakra- There is laziness, narcissism, and existential dread.  Negative energy, over-worrying, rage and resentment build.

Bead Size- 54 genuine gemstones strung on super tough elastic cord.

Size- Small:  6.5"/ total length 13.5" - 13.75"

          Medium: 7.25"/ total length 15" - 15.25"

Handcrafted in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida